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Breast Milk Baby reveals nation’s low health literacy

The Nation & World section of my morning newspaper reports, right next
he story re civil war in Syria,  on a doll that is making TV conservatives squeamish.
The Breast Milk Baby makes suckling sounds when it touches sensors sewn into a
halter top that comes with the doll. A Fox news commentator thinks we  “don’t
need this kind of stuff”.  It’s hard to say what “stuff” he’s worried about. A father
says it’s “creepy”; maybe his daughter could play with the doll at home, but not
on a play date or in public.
Somehow these men think breastfeeding has something to do with sex.  So the
doll’s suckling sounds are  “too mature” for little girls who want to grow up to
be mommies. Apparently, dressing up the buxom Barbie doll in a cocktail dress
and heels for a date with hunky Ken is a better way for “kids to be kids” and for
little girls to envision their future and understand the purpose of breasts.
From a health literacy standpoint                      
Critics of Breast Milk Baby are showing a  very limited ability to understand and
use information for health. Breastfeeding, exclusively in the baby’s first six months,
is recommended by virtually every health authority  on the planet as the healthiest
way to feed a baby with benefits to both mother and child over their lifetimes.  
Breastfeeding is only X-rated in the minds of some adults. Let’s think about what
we want to teach our daughters and what we want to protect them from. What is
it we want to protect ourselves from by banning a breastfeeding baby doll.

Breastfeeding is best.
Your milk is made for your baby. It contains the right amount of all the nutrients
Baby needs.  As the baby’s needs change, your milk changes, too. Mother’s milk is
easy to digest. It is always ready, clean and just warm enough. Breastfeeding creates
a special bond between mother and baby. Breast fed babies have fewer infections
and allergies than bottle-fed babies. And their brains develop faster.
Beginnings Pregnancy Guide p 62

Good News
If you are not ‘creeped out’ by the thought of little girls learning that breastfeeding
is normal, healthy and health-promoting; if you believe breasts are engineered
primarily for feeding babies, and if the sound of suckling does not distract you beyond
rational thought, you can order Breast Feeding Baby online at half-price. She is  more
culturally competent than some of her critics; choose a doll with one of eight names,
skin tones and facial features.
Italie, Leanne, Associated Press, Breastfeeding baby doll: creepy or groundbreaking? 11.8.2012  
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