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Have things changed?

My daughter was born. I reached for her  but I was strapped down. They told me
not to touch her and whisked her away. They talked about the hospital picnic
while stitching up the episiotomy. Then they transferred me to a gurney and
parked me in the hallway.  I laid there alone wondering where my baby was. 
Then a nurse - I assume she was a nurse -  came up behind me. I could only
 see her hand come around as she pulled  my chin up. She tossed a pill down
my throat and said, "You should not be breastfeeding. That will dry up your
milk."  I never saw her face. No one ever explained why they thought I was
 incapable. I wondered if they would let me take her home.  I'm still angry
 and sad. Have things changed?
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