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Where does your state rank for child well-being?

Where does your state rank for child well-being? 

What percent of children on Medicaid in your state have
a medical home?  What percent of mothers get early prenatal
care? What are the big challenges for maternal child health?

Find out all this and more at State Baby Facts from the 
Zero To Three Policy Center.

I checked out Texas

I’m preparing to implement a health literacy promotion
program in Texas. So I clicked the Lone Start State on
the State Baby Facts map. I got a four-page report with
five pages of references. Here are some of the highlights
I found useful:

  • Texas ranks 35th among the states for child well-being,
 just behind Missouri.

  • 53% of infants and toddlers live in low-income families;
compared to 46% nationwide (in the world’s wealthiest country!) 

  • About 20% of these families pay over half of their income in rent.

  • 59% of Texan babies’ mothers got early prenatal care.
 (The Healthy People 2020 objective is 90%)

  • 56% of births in Texas are financed by Medicaid.

  • 56% of children on Medicaid have a medical home.

  • 13.3% of Texan babies are born preterm. 8.4% are low-birth-weight.

  • Families in home visitation programs: 3,285 in 2009

If you are advocating for families, this is a great place to start.
Another reason I’m proud to be a ZTT Graduate Fellow.

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