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Safe Crib Safe Sleep

This information is important for families borrowing or re-using a crib sold before July 2011
Revised information for Beginnings Parents Guide
Based on reviews of the evidence, the new 2012 Edition of the Beginnings Parents Guide will
recommend that infants up to age six months sleep in a crib near the parents’ bed where mother
and baby can see each other. The time frame reflects that SIDS is rare after age six months;
the period of greatest risk is age two-four months. Close proximity and only temporary bed
sharing (e.g. to breastfeed) seems to be the best combination of safety and closeness, providing
the parent(s) do not smoke and the crib is safe. (Stay tuned for more on third hand smoke.)
No drop-side rails
The Consumer Products Safety Commission recalled over 11 million cribs in 2007-11. Most of the
cribs removed from the market had drop-sides with detaching side rails which have been associated
with infant suffocation and strangulation. Other recalled models had faulty or defective hardware.
Since July 2011, federal regulations prohibit importing, manufacturing or selling traditional drop-side
cribs of any size. In addition, new standards call for stronger slats, stronger hardware, firmer
mattresses, and tougher testing.  The New Beginnings Parents Guide will urge parents to obtain a new
crib if possible and not to borrow or re-use a crib with drop-side rails.
Child Care Facilities Must Meet Crib Safety Standards
All child care providers are required to replace cribs that do not meet the new standards by December
28, 2012. The 2012 Parents Guide’s information on selecting child care providers will be revised to
include advice to check that cribs meet safety standards.
Need more information? Wondering if a particular crib is safe? Call CPSC Recall Hotline: 800-638-2772
US Consumer Products Safety Commission. News release #11-260, June 28,2011. Safer Crib for Babies Available Starting Today.
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