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E is for Empowerment
Health Literacy Challenge: How to Save 92,000 lives & $24 Billion in Healthcare Costs Annually
Promoting Health Literacy: Consider Access Needs
A New Improved Definition for Health Literacy: Rx to end confusion?
Interactive Health Literacy: under researched, unclear concept, measurement challenge


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Blogs to Follow

We at Beginnings Guides truly enjoy putting together this blog while also realizing
the time and energy that goes in to its creation.  Blogs are an excellent platform
for sharing information and starting discussion-I am not sure what we did before
blogs existed?! There are a number of blogs out there that we follow and we wanted
to share some with you.  Please feel free to share any that you follow and find
noteworthy as well.  Enjoy!

Go Beyond MCH is an information and technology company dedicated to bringing together 
companies and agencies involved in Maternal-Child Health and Family Health Programs.
Favorite post: Recommended Reading: Health Literacy and Depression in the Context
of Home Visitation

Health Literacy Missouri-Plain Talk Blog
Health Literacy Missouri is a non-profit in Missouri working to improve health by bringing
together patient skills and the demands of the health care system.
Favorite post: Meeting Teens where they are

The CDC created this blog in an effort to encourage "health literacy for better public health."
Favorite post: Stories from the field-The National Action Plan in action

National Network of Libraries of Medicine-Bringing Health Information to the Community (BHIC)
This blog was created to bring attention to health information as it relates to the community,
especially in underserved populations.  There are a wide range of topics covered on this blog, one
of our favorites is the Health Information Literacy Category .
Favorite posts: Women's Health News and New School Resource Briefs from the MCH Library

Brought to us by Emmi Solutions this blog offers "research, news, opinions, and more."
Favorite post: 10 ways doctors can lose their patients

"Social-Medias leading physician voice"
Favorite post: Dr. Google thyself

Created by Fran London MS, RN who is a Health Education Specialist at Phoenix Children’s Hospital.
She is an advocate for patient education.
Favorite post: On my soapbox again: Health care providers do not empower patients

TED-Ideas worth spreading
Brought to us by TED Talks
Favorite post: 18 ideas shaping 2012-Add your voice

In addition to these blogs important discussions are popping up in places like LinkedIn and on Surround 
Health.  We encourage you to join the conversation there as well. 

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