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Federal & State Budget Cuts Threaten Maternal and Child Health

Time for advocacy!  On Sept 22, the Senate Appropriations Committee voted to cut an addition
$50 million dollars from the Title V MCH Block Grant, part of the Social Security Act, and the
glue that holds MCH together in most states. Here are some cold hard facts to inspire and prepare

Poverty level for a family of 2 adults and 2 children                   $ 22,113                 
$5528 per person per year

Americans living in poverty in (still) the world’s richest nation   46,200,000                 
Highest ever reported

Children in Poverty                                                                   16,401,000                  
% of all US children in poverty  22                 
% of white children                  12                 
% of Asian children                   13                
% of black children                   38                  
% of Latino children                  35

Americans Without Health Insurance                                        49,900,000

Budget Cuts

Cuts in state MCHprogram budgets 2007-10                               $337,000,000                 
Cuts to Title V Block Grants 2003-10                                         $74,000,000

Cuts approved by Senate Appropriations Committee 2012       $50,000,000

State & Local Public Health Jobs Cut                                         43,000

Results – a few examples

Arizona has eliminated all funding for children’s vaccines  

California has eliminated the battered women’s shelter program, Black Infant Health programs and
programs for pregnant women with diabetes.  

Florida cut $5.4 million from its Healthy Start programs; eliminated funds for healthcare services to
10,000 uninsured children  

Michigan, with one of the highest infant mortality rates in the nation, eliminated family planning
services for 32,400 uninsured women; eliminated all funding addressing infant mortality, eliminated
immunizations for migrant children. Michigan restored funding for transportation assistance for families
with children with special healthcare needs because of the devastating health impacts due to delayed
or foregone care. 

Missouri eliminated school health services contracts for 270,000 school age children

New Hampshire eliminated core funding for Family Resource Centers, dramatically limited prenatal
care provided by community health centers, cut the Prenatal Care Coordinator position in the state’s
MCH program  

North Carolina eliminated its Perinatal Outreach Coordination Program, prenatal care services for high
risk women, state vaccination programs, and services to children with disabilities  

Washington will eliminate all funds for genetic services and drastically reduce its highly acclaimed First
Steps Maternity Support Services

Major Indicators of MCH Expected to Worsen 

US Infant Mortality Rate  6.86 (2005)                                                                   
Number of babies per 1000 live births who die before their first birthday. The 2000–2005 plateau in
the U.S. infant mortality rate represents the first period of sustained lack of decline in the U.S. infant
mortality rate since the 1950s
Whites                  5.76                 
Blacks                  13.63 

Rank among developed nations                                                   
1960:12 1990:23d   1998: 29 2010: 41 T
his ranking is due in large part to disparities among US racial and ethnic groups, particularly African

Low Birthweight Rate    8.2 (2009)
Number of babies per 1000 births who weigh <5.5 pounds

Preterm birth rate          12.2 (2009)
Number of babies per 1000 births born <37 weeks gestation (3wks early)


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Budget Cuts Are Hurting the Health of Our Nation’s Mothers and Children

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in Infant

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