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Nutrition during Pregnancy

Nutrition During Pregnancy-Beginnings Guides 2011 Update

What is known?
“What should I eat when I’m pregnant?” is a vastly complex and much debated question. Nutrition during pregnancy affects outcomes for both mother and infant.  What a mother eats may affect her child’s health as an adult.  Findings from studies are inconsistent and difficult to synthesize.   On one hand, it is possible to find a reason to avoid almost any food.  On the other hand, normal pregnancy is a healthy condition, and obsessing over nutrition is generally unnecessary. There is consensus on guidelines.

What is new? Best Resource:  My Pyramid for Moms  from the US Department of Agriculture is a Web-based interactive  resource for health educators and consumers.  It converts the current Dietary Guidelines for Americans and the Dietary Reference Intakes from the National Academy of Sciences into practical guidance for individual mothers based on pre-pregnancy weight, height, age and activity level.  It is based on food groups and uses lots of terms and measures that are unfamiliar to many; and few disadvantaged parents have computers; so direct assistance may be required to access and personalize the information and help mothers and families apply it their real life circumstances.

Notes A WorldCat search on Nutrition and Pregnancy turned up well over 1000 article published 2010 to date.  I did not read them all. I focused on reviews in major journals. I also reviewed guidelines from ACOG – American Congress of Obstetrician and Gynecologists and the American Dietetic Association. Both endorse My Pyramid for Moms.  I see no dramatic changes since 2007. Now reviewing the details.

Recommended Reading Abu-Saad, K &  Fraser, D. (2010). Maternal Nutrition and Birth Outcomes. Epidemiological Reviews 32: 5-25. Barger, MK. (2010) Maternal Nutrition and Perinatal Outcomes. Journal of Midwifery and Women’s Health 55: 502-511. Widen, E & Siega-Riz, AM. (2010). Prenatal Nutrition: A Practical Guide for Assessment and Counseling. Journal of Midwifery and Women’s Health 55: 540-549.

Have you used MyPyramid for Moms?  Please share your experience; post a comment.  Thanks ahead ss  
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