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2011 Update of Beginnings Guides

Posted February 1, 2011

Today I begin the process of updating the Beginnings Guides content, and then the format. The Guides are powerful as print materials, so I will continue to hone their current “architecture” by incorporating the latest findings on design, typography, reading and adult learning. I will also review and apply the latest guidelines for “plain language” materials, particularly information intended for Medicaid populations.  That does not mean that Beginnings Guides are -or will be- only for unskilled learners. The research has made clear that brief, clear, picturesque, accurate information is easier for everyone to understand, personalize and apply in context.  I want to make sure that Beginnings Guides continue to earn high satisfaction ratings from both college-educated and under-educated parents, home visitors, patient & parent educators, and clinicians.
The new technologies present new ways of learning and information seeking.  I will be working with home visitors, parent educators, prenatal and pediatric care providers, health informatics specialists, empowerment experts, and readers like you to discover the most effective and efficient formats and teaching strategies to make Beginnings’ pregnancy and parenting information even more engaging, persuasive and empowering.  But first, the content review.

In the 22 years since I first published Beginnings Guides, you who use the materials in your practice have been my most reliable source of information from the field that serves as the basis for continuous improvement.  And so I turn to you now:
If you could change one thing in the Beginnings Pregnancy Guide, what would you do?
You can see all the pages right here.
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