The Beginnings Mothers                  It matters what a mother knows

Beginnings Guides are both teaching & learning materials for promoting maternal health literacy, reflective functioning, and other life skills for parents. Designed to complement counseling during office and home visits for prenatal and parenting education and family support.  

English & Spanish  Easy to read.  Rigorously tested in Early Head Start, Healthy Start, Healthy Families, Strengthening Families, First Five, Families First, Parents as Teachers, insurance plans maternity care providers.  Complements Ages & Stages and the Life Skills Progression instrument.
Beginnings Pregnancy Guide translates the health promotion content of prenatal care into easy-to-read practical guidance for a healthy pregnancy. Now in its 9th edition. 6 booklets (96 pages) referenced by gestational age. Learn more 

Beginnings Parent's Guide translates the science of early child development into easy-to-understand practical guidance for parents of 0 to 3 year-olds. 8 booklets (196 pages) referenced by child age.  Learn more

Learn more about:
Program evaluation with the Life Skills Progression instrument
Independent review of evidence of effectiveness 
Independent review of understandabilityand actionability

About the Artwork ~ Laurel Burch
Born with the rare bone disease, osteopetrosis, her brittle bones were broke easily. Because of this disease, Laurel was familiar with feelings of vulnerability and aware of the importance of trusting one's body. Much of the colorful imagery in her art came to her in times of healing while seeking inner strength within a fragile body.
Laurel named the figures on theBeginningscovers and posters "Kindred Spirits."  We have come to call them the Beginnings Mothers. In these figures, Laurel demonstrated her interest in cultures and expressed a tribute to human relationships, to the ability to share, to embrace, to support, to nurture, to give these gifts and to receive them from others. Laurel donated the fees paid for the use of her art on theBeginnings materials to the Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies Coalition.   On September 13, 2007, Laurel passed away due to complications from the bone disease she suffered with for so long. To learn more about Laurel Burch and her artwork, please visit: www.LaurelBurch.com
Laurel Burch & Beginnings Guides earn Human Rights Award
The United Nations Association-USA, San Diego honored artist Laurel Burch with its 2006 Eleanor Roosevelt Human Rights Award for her artwork onBeginnings Guides and its contribution to maternal child health. The award was a part of UNA’s anniversary celebration of 60 years promoting international collaboration through the principles of the United Nations.
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