Print Beginnings Guides in-house
Use your favorite printing service. Save shipping costs. Distribute through your program. 
Sell it to sister programs. Make it a fundraiser. Make it a business.

Pregnancy Guide in print 1988~2018. Parents Guide in print 1998~2018          

Nine editions have served over 400,000 families nationwide

Recommended as a  Quality Tool by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality and the National Committee for Quality Assurance

Available in English and Spanish               

Excellent complement to counseling during office and home visits 

Promotes maternal health literacy

Supports reflective practice 

Reflects current research, standards of practice, professional guidelines 

I'm always eager to hear about your program and discuss how Beginnings Guides might support your mission. I can help you select a printer and produce affordable, accurate, readable materials that you will be proud of and families will love.   
Sandra Smith, MPH,PhD

See Sandra Smith's Bio 

Updated March 14, 2018

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