Beginnings Guides Life Skills Development Training   

The Beginnings Guides Life Skills Development Training Curriculum includes:

•Content for stages of pregnancy and child development to age 3

•Scientifically accurate, rigorously reviewed, easy-to-read materials for home visitors and parents-the Beginnings Guides
•Reflective teaching/coaching and supervision strategies

•Empowerment strategies and processes

•Practice and supervision tools
        ·Reflective Questions
        ·Reflective Drawings & Coloring Conversations
        ·1-minute literacy screen and referral
        ·Intervention Planning

•Training in effective, efficient use of materials, strategies and tools

The Life Skills Progression Instrument (LSP) - A validated, quick-and easy-to-use scientific instrument for measuring individual mother’s and child’s progress toward family goals, and program progress toward desired results and long term outcomes.The LSP is also an intervention planning tool useful in reflective supervision.

•Database software program for LSP data analysis and reporting of program effects at the individual, family, caseload and program levels.

Beginnings Home Visitors Handbook

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