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Beginnings Pregnancy Guide

2014 Beginnings Guía Para El Embarazo

Beginnings Parents Guide

Spanish Guía para Padres  2011 edition      


Beginnings Guides Evidence Base & Guidelines for Effective Use (User’s Manual)
Reviewers: Download & print the user's manual for an overview of the evidence base
behind the Guides & suggestions for effective, efficient use.

Beginnings Guides-Tour
In this quick tour of the two Beginnings Guides series, you will learn about the easy-to- read, easy-to-use curricula for teaching parents and supporting their independent learning during pregnancy and early parenting.
Are Beginnings Guides suitable for your families?
SAM - Suitability Assessment of Materials
This instrument offers a systematic method to objectively assess the suitability of health information materials for a particular audience in a short time. Permission to reproduce for internal use only.
Reviewers Guide to Evaluating Health Information Materials
Use this document to organize your review of Beginnings Pregnancy Guide or Beginnings Parents Guide, and to compare the Guides with other materials under consideration. You might ask several reviewers to use the document so that their comments are objective and comparable.  This is a quick checklist to see how well Beginnings Guides
or other materials fit your service population.  For a more detailed, scored review use the SAM Suitability Assessment of Material. click here
Pulitzer’s Principles for Information that Works
This brief article outlines basic guidelines for complying with Joseph Pullitzer’s  admonition to make information brief, clear, picturesque and accurate. It includes checklists for appearance, reading level, comprehension and accuracy.   It is the quickest of the review presented here, a good starting place. click here

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