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website for pregnancy and parent education materials designed to compliment home visitation programs and to promote health literacy and reflective practice.

It matters what a mother knows. Beginnings Guides are designed to complement counseling during office and home visits for prenatal and parent education and family support.

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2015 Kids Count Child Well-Being Report Released
"When very young children experience poverty, particularly if that poverty is deep and persistent, they are at high risk of encountering difficulties later in life - having poorer adolescent health, becoming teen mothers, dropping out of school and facing poor employment outcomes." 

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Centering Pregnancy is a model of group prenatal care. This randomized trial aims to address these questions: Does CenteringPregnancy ("usual care”) promote maternal health literacy. Does CenteringPregnancy plus Beginnings Pregnancy Guide promote maternal health literacy more than usual care?  Can the Maternal Health Literacy Self-Assessment be used as a meaningful measure of maternal health literacy?

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Beginnings Guides and Healthy Start Goals
Beginnings Pregnancy Guide translates the science of prenatal care into actionable understandable guidance for a healthy pregnancy. It puts into print the health promotion content of prenatal care as defined by the US Public Health Service Expert Panel on the Content of Prenatal Care.
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I'm always eager to hear about your and with order planning & shipping. We can talk about the content,  health literacy or life . Please feel to share your about the new. For detailed information on, research & development, the evidence base &  evaluation with the Life Skills Progression visit our training and research page.
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