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It matters what a mother knows. Beginnings Guides are designed to complement counseling during office and home visits for prenatal and and family support.
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BLEEP Gag Rules Threaten Public Health, Child Health Protect right not to think
In Florida, if someone scares you to death you can legally shoot them to death with your BLEEP.  But your 
family or or health worker cannot legally ask you if a BLEEP is kept in your house or how
it is stored.

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This project assesses the relationship of maternal health literacy and maternal depression, and their impacts on utilization of adult and child health services and delivery of home visitation services.

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Beginnings Guides and Goals
Beginnings Pregnancy Guide translates the of prenatal into actionable understandable guidance for a healthy pregnancy. It puts into the content of prenatal care as defined by the US Public Service Expert Panel on the Content of Prenatal Care.
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I'm always eager to hear about your and with order planning & shipping. We can talk about the content,  health literacy or life . Please feel to share your about the new . For detailed information on, research & development, the evidence base &  evaluation with the Life Skills Progression visit our training and research page.
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