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It matters what a mother knows. Beginnings Guides are designed to complement counseling during office and home visits for prenatal and parent education and family support.

Beginnings Guides is Going Digital!  

Dear Friends of Beginnings Guides,
It is the digital age. Beginnings Guides are now available as digital files that you can take to your favorite printer to produce materials according your needs.  Here is how it works:

We will have a conversation to work out the details. Then I will grant your program a limited use license. The license grants you rights to print  theBeginnings Guides product(s) that you choose -Beginnings Pregnancy Guide orParents Guide in English or Spanish- in any quantity. You can sell them to parents or for a fundraiser, or to other programs. You can team up with another program, agency or school to share costs.
We request that you help protect our copyrights. The license will not include posting any content anywhere on the Internet or in other media. It will prohibit any changes, with one exception.
Personalize your folders. On the Beginnings Keepsake Folders, you can have your program name, contact information, or whatever you want readers to remember about you printed in the otherwise blank space.
Cost will depend on the number of booklets and on the printer.  The printer will be required to use the same type and quality of paper and retain the quality of the materials. This is important: your materials speak for you and reflect the quality of your services.
The printer can use these specifications along with copy of the Guides (you provide this), to formulate a bid. You will want to get several bids and printed samples, and compare them by cost, quality and turnaround time. Check with your local hospital, university and utility company as well as commercial printers. The more you print at one time, the lower you cost per booklet. Using a local printer will save you shipping costs.
Here's the process. Since Beginnings Guides are copyrighted materials, the printer will need our written permission to print them for you. We will send your printer a Request for Permission to Print form the that includes the number of booklets to be printed. Upon receipt of the completed Request from the printer, we will invoice you $0.50 per booklet. Upon receipt of your payment, we will authorize the printing and provide complete files for the Guide (s) you are using and, to the limits of our capacity, any assistance the printer may need.
Order printed materials while supplies last Guía Para Padres is sold out. The Parents Guide in English, and the Pregnancy Guide in English and Spanish will be available in print while supplies last. See available stock here. Preview the Guides here. Order here.

We love being part of your good work.  Please contact me with questions or to schedule a telephone or Skype conversation about how you can printBeginnings Guides locally and use it to support your program.
Sandra Smith

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I'm always eager to hear about your and with order planning & shipping. We can talk about the content,  health literacy or life.  For detailed information on, research & development, the evidence base &  evaluation with the Life Skills Progression visit our training and research page.
Sandra Smith, MPH,PhD
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Updated July 17, 2017

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